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Avocado Dip
Yummy Avocado Dip with Fresh Veggies (Recipe Below)

Have you ever heard of that show, Chopped! on the Food Network? If you haven’t, it’s a food competition show where the contestants are given a picnic basket full of random ingredients for each course: appetizer, main course, and dessert. Based on what they are given, they have to develop creative recipes within specific time frames. Sometimes they are given items as random as duck eggs, arrowroot powder, and peanut butter in the same basket! Their task is to wow the judges so that they can progress to the next course! Well, this week’s share of the Jordandal Farms CSA had me feeling like I was on a episode of Chopped! We received so many random items in the CSA—I put my best foot forward and hopefully the judge (Dustin) won’t chop me from the game! LOL Just kidding!  Continue reading Chopped!