Good Morning, Sunshine!

The view. The screen makes the picture look grainy like that. I can't stop staring out the window. It's too beautiful.

It’s such a beautiful day! And, I started it out by going to my favorite kettlebell muscle power class (my arms are now JELLY) and making an omelet “pizza” with eggs, sauteed kale, red and green peppers, and green onions. [Sauteed veggies in coconut oil until soft in cast iron skillet. Poured 4 eggs over of the veggies. Cooked until bottom was set.  Finished in a 400 degree oven until top was set. Bon Appetit!  I had half for breakfast, will eat the remainder later.]   Good morning all around.

I started a new chapter (yippee), but its so hard to concentrate when this is your view (see pic above) and when the breeze just floats in and caresses you oh so gently!  LOL, plus, I’m grooving HARD to my “Ledisi” radio station on PandoraOne.  I’m being spoiled with Stevie Wonder, Ledisi, The Rippingtons, Kindred The Family Soul, Bilal, Sade, The Fugees, Goapele—all my favorites!

Ok, back to work!  Gotta make this day count!:-)

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