I am sooo excited!

Two posts in one day!  Well, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to share the good news!  About a month ago I applied to present at a conference.  As a graduate student, we apply to conferences all the time, so applying for a conference is no biggie for me.  However, I was extremely nervous about this conference because its not an academic conference.  I applied to present a workshop at the Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference this July in Atlanta, GA.

This year, I turn 29.  Last year, I turned myself into a nervous wreck as I turned 28 because I was so distraught that 28 was so close to 30.  LOL I felt my life was so incomplete.  I hadn’t finished my PhD, I was still unhappy in my body, I hadn’t met my prince charming.  Life was so in a flux! Well, I turned 28 and the world didn’t end!  Instead, it actually BEGAN!


This year, all of the trepidation I felt turning 28 simply isn’t present as I turn 29.  Though, when a sister friend of mine asked me what I was doing to celebrate my birthday, I admitted to her that I didn’t know because I hadn’t quite thought about it.  After she asked, I immediately began thinking about what I would do to celebrate. There was nothing I wanted.  Nowhere I really wanted to go. Then, I found out about the Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference.  I also saw that they were accepting proposals for presentations and workshops on issues related to health, wellness, and life.  After thinking about it, I thought a great way to celebrate my birthday and myself would be sharing my story with other black women seeking health and wellness for themselves.  So, I submitted the following abstract:

“Hey Skinny Girl!” “Who me?”:  How to Lose 100LBs without Losing Your Self and Your Mind! (Or Self Image, Identity and Life After 100lb Weight Loss)

Crystal M. Moten tells her personal story of transformation that led to her losing 100lbs in 14 months.  Overweight for all of her childhood and morbidly obese for most of her 20s, Crystal embarked on a lifestyle transformation in January of 2010 that she continues until today.  While Crystal has successfully lost a significant amount of weight, no one prepared her for the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical consequences of losing so much weight.  In this session, Crystal not only shares her process for losing 100lbs (without surgery, medication, or fad dieting!) but also how to navigate some of the issues that will come up as the pounds begin to drop related to self-image, identity, confidence, and walking in one’s true purpose and calling, no matter your size!

Today, I found out my proposal was ACCEPTED! I am so excited, and also a little nervous! OMG! The conference is in two months so I have a little time to prepare.

What a great way to celebrate my birthday, albeit two weeks later!!!! Yippee! 🙂

6 thoughts on “I am sooo excited!

  1. Once again, incredible. Just incredible. Wish I could be there. (Also wish I was a black woman, but that is an altogether different topic…lol.) I did the same thing to myself turning 37 (yikes!) and turning 38 this year, I feel younger and more in alignment than ever…here’s to us!

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